Getting to know Janene Peck (Director of First Impressions)

ByEleanor Hopkins

1: If you could be a super hero who would you be and why?
Definitely Batman, would love to drive that fast car!

2: What is your current ringtone on your mobile phone?
Drifting downstream (new phone & that’s what came on it)

3: If you could go on Holiday anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
New York… always wanted to go there. It’s the place were dreams are made.

4: What do you spend your Sunday’s doing?
Love going to the markets, Camberwell Market is by far my favorite.

5: What is your pet hate?
Probably leaving empty toilet rolls in the bathroom, one time I quietly refused to take them out and let it get to about 8 before I cracked it!

6: Have you ever googled yourself?
Never have until now…lol

7: What is your favorite radio station?
I station hop in the car for the best tune, usually end up on Smooth 101.9

8: What is your all time favorite Movie?
Way too many.. The Note book (a good cry), Meet the parents (a good laugh), Wizard of Oz (whole family loves it), Sixth Sense (never saw that ending coming)

9: Do you have siblings, how many and are you the youngest or oldest?
Youngest of 4 + 2 steps sisters

10: What is your worst habit ?
Probably a bit impatient, when I want something done, I like it done straight away. Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today!

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