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2018 is expected to be a pivotal year in real estate for Melbourne and Australia. Will it continue to forge ahead in the same way it has for a number of years now, will it mellow and provide more of a balance, what influence will overseas buyers continue to have, what growth can we expect, will Melbourne average prices outstrip Sydney, which suburbs in Melbourne will be the hotspots in 2018?.

Of course none of us know the answers in advance but I can promise that the team at Ray White Cheltenham will continue to offer the highest level of service, will continue to go the extra mile for their clients and will continue to achieve outstanding results in the marketplace.

Cheltenham has enjoyed great activity and growth in value in recent years and we have seen a change in scenery with recent zoning changes and some major developments now changing the skyline. The much anticipated Cheltenham station development and the recent Southland train station development have added even more transportation options in the area.

One thing that doesn’t change though is the heart and soul of Cheltenham and the high demand by buyers. It’s an area that offers so much to families and with an abundance of schools, shops, transport and beach activities and it will continue to be so. We recommend the area to you and look forward to being of assistance to you in 2018.

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