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Getting to know Josh Bartlett

By Sarah Magnano

1: If you could be a super hero who would you be and why? would have to be spiderman – my 5 year old is obsessed with him so he would kill me if I was anyone else.
2: What is your current ringtone on your mobile phone? annoying and boring/standard. makes me answering it quickly as I hate the sound of it!
3: If you could go on Holiday anywhere in the world where would it be and why? France during the Tour – this is my dream holiday to follow the tour and ride some of those mountains.
4: What do you spend your Sunday’s doing? with my 2 kids Zac and Bailey – don’t mind getting out on the bike or wind surfing as well.
5: What is your pet hate? My mobile going flat during the day! im always looking for a charger
6: Have you ever googled yourself? all the time, got to make sure im still coming up lol
7: What is your favourite radio station? More of a Pandora fan now – love that App
8: What is your all time favourite Movie? America Sniper was pretty good.
9: Do you have siblings, how many and are you the youngest or oldest? Middle child syndrome. I have an older brother Adam an Younger sister Sophie.
10: What is your worst habit ? Leaving my clothes everywhere – floordrobe as my wife likes to say!. I also take all the mugs in the house to work with my morning coffee until we have none left at home.

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