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Alicia Airey

Investment Portfolio Manager

Ask Alicia about her motivations for commencing a career in real estate back in 2013, and she’ll tell you that there is nothing quite like the feeling of helping people find their ideal home. Alicia has spent several years working her way through the ranks to become a highly recommended Property Manager. 

Alicia has been able to combine her love for all things property-related with the experience she gained working in the U.K. for six years. This has fine-tuned her communication skills as well as her ability to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Alicia’s keen eye for detail, her dedication to the best interests of our landlords, and her overall knowledge of the property industry all help to ensure that the advice and guidance she provides is a real asset for anyone wanting to maximise their rental return. 

Indeed, the fact that her husband has nicknamed her “the flatpack queen” says a lot about Alicia’s ability to bring together a tenant, a landlord, and a property in a way that achieves a great result for all concerned!