Georgie Christodoulou

Sales Assistant to Kevin Chokshi

Georgie Christodoulou is a friendly, local face around Bayside with a vast knowledge and a deep love for the place she has called home for over 35 years.

A high achieving and successful businesswoman, Georgie possess an extensive background in a range of varying fields including, Corporate banking, business development, analysis and marketing, volunteer work and a decade of experience as an accomplished, hands-on owner of two very successful bayside cafes - her professional and personal experience intertwines brilliantly to deliver outstanding results in her real estate career.  

Georgie is ethical, ambitious, determined and well equipped - incorporating her values, along with her skills, into her business. Ask Georgie what she’s passionate about and the response is delivered without deliberation.

“I’m passionate about service, it’s an area where I’ve always excelled and been recognised for and it’s what my success can be attributed to. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make my clients happy - you just can’t underestimate the value of good service.”

“I’m a very family orientated person but I’m also very passionate about my career. I’m at that stage now where my children have grown up, which in turn allows me to have a highly prioritised approach to my busy real estate career.”

“Aside from the level of service I provide, it’s important for me to work amongst a top performing, like-minded team - under a reputable, family-owned and run company that share my values and is at the forefront of the industry in every other aspect too.”

“Like myself, Ray White is sincerely dedicated to delivering the best result through service. That’s where this company and the Cheltenham team are a perfect match for me.”

Georgie is fluent in both English and Greek, being part of a large close-knit Greek family. When not busy working you can usually find Georgie enjoying time with her treasured family and friends or taking long walks along Bayside’s beautiful beaches.